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What is the best airgun?

What is the best airgun? It’s a good question, what is the best air gun? Who makes the best pellet gun? Which air rifle is best for me? The answer is a broad range of answers. It all comes down to a few simple things. Budget, intended use, and accuracy at different ranges. First of […]

What is the most accurate style of pellet? We answer that with a short article.

Pellet Calibres & Configurations In terms of caliber, the .177 is reserved for plinkers and fun-gunners. It’s also the caliber of choice for outdoor HFT (Hunter Field Target) and FT (Field Target) competitors, while 10m indoor paper target punchers are mandatory to shoot flat-headed, .177 ammo. In Britain, around 75 per cent of hunters opt […]

Drifters Products Evolution Shot Valve and shooting system

  Ever salivated over some of the most expensive airguns? I have—in fact I have salivated over the FX Impact for a long time, ever since Ted of Ted’s HoldOver got his. Well, I don’t salivate any more.   Take your AirForce Airgun to the next level—the top level, in fact Drifters Products has the […]

Drifters Products, Airgunning Adventures, See Talon SS go to .25 cal

Drifters Products, Airgunning Adventures, Going 25 Cal with the AirForce Airguns Talon SS. Drifters Products has had this AirForce Airguns Talon SS for a few years now and it’s been a great gun but we want more out of it. The Talon can shoot long range and with an 18 grain pellet shooting at 680 […]

Long Range Shots w AirForce Talon SS .22 PCP Airgun, Air rifle, Slow Motion

Drifters Products – Airgun Adventures, slow motion video of long range gong shots and shooting Drifters shot some long range slow motion video of gong shots. We were doing a bit of long range PCP air gun shooting  wtith the AirForce Airguns Talon SS .22 cal PCP air gun paired an MTC Optics Viper Pro 3-18 […]