What is the best airgun?

What is the best airgun?

It’s a good question, what is the best air gun? Who makes the best pellet gun? Which air rifle is best for me?

The answer is a broad range of answers. It all comes down to a few simple things. Budget, intended use, and accuracy at different ranges.

One of the best PCP air guns available
Drifters Products built AirForce Airguns Condor .25 cal w Drifters Products carbon fiber silencer, Evolution Shot Valve, 4500 PSI tank and MTC Optics Viper Pro 3-18×50 scope

First of all—forget everything you hear and or see about pellet guns when you visit your local retailer.

More powerful is not better after a certain point. Those looking for the fastest shooting pellet guns may find themselves let down by the lack of accuracy. If you are only going to shoot 20-30 yds. Get a super fast shooting pellet gun. If you want to shoot longer ranges, get something that is under 900 FPS. It sounds counter intuitive but pellets are subject to completely different ballistics then a bullet shoot at supersonic speeds. Under 900 FPS will yield the most accurate shots and even carry more speed down range then faster shots. This is why the high end guns do not advertise high speeds. They are generally slower then the cheap high powered break barrels for a very good reason.

Next identify your budget.

If you only want to spend $100, you can get something that is OK. I would suggest a multi pump BB/pellet gun in .177 caliber. You could go for a break barrel but I am not a fan as they are not generally accurate past 30 yds.

If you are looking to spend in the $200 range you could go for a Benjamin 392 or 397 multi pump pellet gun. These are great guns that are very accurate with enough power to get the job done.

$300 and things start to get interesting. PCP air rifles start to come into the picture. Umerax will have the Gauntlet out later this year which comes in at the $300 price point but may not have the oomph to push a heavy pellet efficiently. Do your research and find something that fits the bill. AirForce Airguns are great guns with lots of options to mod them and make them shoot even better.

Then think about your intended use.

Are you going to be hunting with your air gun or just target shooting? Will you be shooting indoors all the time? Will you be hunting larger animals like rabbits and or rock chucks, even coyotes? You will want a gun that can shoot a heavy projectile. A heavy pellet will not be pushed around in the wind nearly as much as a light pellet. Pick one with power and tune ability so you can get it to shoot those 34 grain .25 cal pellets at 850 FPS. I personal like the 830-840 range because I find that this is the speed at which pellets are most stable and carry the most energy down range.

If you are handy at all you can do most mods yourself to any of these air guns. There are plenty of videos for every gun on YouTube and articles on the web that can direct your efforts. If you invest a little time and money into these guns you can come out with a very good air gun. PCP air rifles are king. If you get a regulated PCP air rifle, you will have shot consistency that rivals a high end fire arm.

Drifters Products has the goods to turn your AirForce Airgun into a regulated and tune able PCP air rifle for excellent shot consistency and superior accuracy. Take a look at our Evolution Shot Valve and our 4500 PSI tank. With these two items you can have the best of PCP airguns, lots of shots per fill and regulated air supply.



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